Publications ~ Climate Science, Activism, Consumer Health & Diethylstilbestrol Articles

Op-Ed: Twisted Logic: Why Washington State Should Reject a Dangerous New Climate Theory co-authored with Columbia Riverkeeper Legal and Program Director, Lauren Goldberg, published in The Revelator on Dec. 2, 2020, with support from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Tips for Finding a DES Knowledgeable Doctor. DES Action Voice 108 (2006)

A New Way to ‘Talk’ to Each Other. DES Action Voice 103 (2005)

In-Utero Exposures and the Incidence of Endometriosis. DES Action Voice 104 (2005)

Update on DES Internet Listservs. DES Action Voice 84 (2000)

Hysteroscopic Metroplasty in Diethylstilboestrol-Exposed and Hypoplastic Uterus: a report on 24 cases. DES Action Voice 83 (1999)

Myopia in DES Exposed Amblyopic Subjects. DES Action Voice 82 (1999)

The DES Fall Symposium: Research News, Third Generation Effects, and Menopause among Top Concerns. DES Action Voice 82 (1999)

DES Online: two New DES Support e-mail Listservs. DES Action Voice 81 (1999)

DES Research Update 1999 Conference. DES Action Voice 81 (1999)

T-Uterus Surgery – An Update. DES Action Voice 79 (1999)

Presentations ~ Climate Science, Activism, & Consumer Health

Holding the Thin Green Line (Panelist at film screening, as well as one of featured activists in film)
Film by Barbara Bernstein. Screening hosted by Salem Progressive Film Series, Dec. 2020.

DES (diethylstilbestrol) and DNA (panel discussion member)
NCI DES Research Update Conference: Current Knowledge, Future Directions 1999
National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

Presentations ~ Mathematics & Education

Upgrade to Ungrade:
Online Class Discussions, Assessments, and Opportunities for Ungrading

Facilitated virtual discussion, STEMinars Spring 2022, Clark College, Vancouver WA

Engaging Reluctantly-Online Students Asynchronously during a Pandemic
Virtual panel discussion, 2020, International Consortium of Centers for Distance Education

Discussion Boards - A Vital Component of Learning
Focus on Faculty Conference 2010, Clark College, Vancouver WA

Wolfram|Alpha in Online Maths - Maximize the Possibilities, Minimize the Dangers
Webinar (online) via Elluminate 2009

Curious Connections: Rational Function Extrema and the Geometric Mean
Mathematical Association of America, Pacific Northwest Section Meeting 2008, Helena MT
My related paper co-authored with the late great Prof. Larry Larson: The Extrema of the Rational Quadratic Function `f(x)=(x^2+ax+b)/(x^2+cx+d)`

Keely Goes Hyper: From Flatland to Hyperspace, Math across the Dimensions
Math Awareness Month 2000, Clark College, Vancouver WA

The Witch of Agnesi, Womens’ History Conference 1999, Clark College, Vancouver WA

TI-92 Technology in our Classes, Mathematics Faculty Seminars 1998, Clark College, Vancouver WA

Course Information is Going on the Internet … Are you Weaby?
Washington Community College Mathematics Conference 1997, Lake Chelan WA

Publications ~ Mathematics Books / e-Books

GOLDen Mathematics: College Algebra Seattle: Lulu, 2007
GOLDen Mathematics: Intermediate Algebra Seattle: Lulu, 2006
GOLDen Mathematics: Elementary Algebra Seattle: Lulu, 2006
Series available in print and as an e-book at

Mathematics Online Lessons originally available at, 2000
Cover Elementary Algebra through Calculus III. Includes TI and HP graphing calculator tutorials and extensive mathematics links by topic.

Sourcebook for Revitalized Calculus co-authored by a team of northwest math faculty from the Washington Center Calculus Consortium. NSF funded project, 1995.

Pre-Calculus Sourcebook co-authored by a team of northwest math faculty. NSF funded project coordinated by Seattle University, 1994.

HP-48G Graphing Calculator Manual Seattle: Technology Publications, 1993