Current Service Involvement, 2021

Actively engaged in local environmental protection in the Pacific Northwest specifically on the NoMethanol360 campaign in Kalama WA where I serve as Webmaster, Researcher, and a Team Lead alongside community and climate science activists working to stop the world's largest fracked fossil-gas-to-methanol refinery and export terminal from being built along the Columbia River. I am dedicated to ecological justice and a sustainable future and stand in solidarity with BIPOC against systemic racism and bias and in protection of marginalized and fence-line communities.

Community Service: Non-Profit & Political Organizations

Webmaster, Researcher, and a Team Lead, NoMethanol360 Campaign, Kalama WA, 2016-present

Webmaster and campaign member for three local candidates (Mayor, Port Commissioner, City Council Member), Kalama WA, 2016-2019.

Webmaster and "at large" Council Member, Green Party of Southwest Washington, 2015-2018

Leader, Earth Scouts of the Pacific Northwest Troop #350, 2011-2015

Co-Leader, Girl Scouts of Western Washington Troop #40429, 2008-2011

Parent Volunteer, 4-H of Southwest Washington, 2007-2012

Director, Home-Educators of Kalama, 2005-2012

Northwest Coordinator, DES Update Project, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 2004

Northwest Communication and Technology Coordinator, DES Action U.S.A., 2000-2018

Officer on the Board of Directors, DES Action U.S.A., 1999-2000

Member of the Board of Directors, DES Action U.S.A.,1998-2000

Executive Officer, Washington Mathematical Assoc. of Two-Year Colleges, 1997-2003, 2010-2018
(Website Developer, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Information Officer, Social Media Coordinator)

Technology and Web Design Consultant, Listserv Administrator, DES Action U.S.A., 1997-2015

Technology Consultant, Listserv Administrator, American Surrogacy Center, 1994-1999

Member of the Board of Directors, PCO Support, 1994-1998

Member of the Board of Directors, Save Our Forests Northwest, 1988-1993

Member, Consumer Participation and Action Committee for Lewis County, 1987-1990

Event Co-coordinator, Portland for a Nuclear-Free World, 1985-1987

Academic Service: Leadership Positions & College Committees

Served in the following leadership positions at University of Phoenix:

Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Foundations of Geometry course, 2020

Served in the following leadership positions at Clark College:

Picket Captain, CCAHE and Faculty of Clark College (on strike Jan. 2020), 2019-2020

Executive Officer and Website Developer, Association of Higher Education, 2007-2009

Senator, Association of Higher Education, Southwest Washington region, 2004-2007

Developer of Clark College Online Mathematics Program, 1999

Faculty Advisor and Website Developer, Phi Theta Kappa, Clark College Chapter, 1997-2001

Website Developer and Webmaster, Clark College Mathematics Division, 1996-2016

Scheduler, Clark College Mathematics Help Center, 1996-2010

Served on the following college committees at Clark College and other NW colleges:

Academic Standards Committee, Accreditation Committee, Bookstore Advisory Committee, Calculus Reform Curriculum Committee, Collaborative Learning Committee (chair), Curriculum Committee, Distance Learning Committee, Document Organizing Committee, eLearning Committee, Information Technology Steering Committee, Instructional Council, Instructional Planning Team, Online Course Anti-Cheating Taskforce, Outcomes Assessment Committee (chair), Outcomes Assessment and Syllabus Project, Social Media Taskforce, Student Math League Organizing Committee (chair), multiple hiring and tenure committees (including chairing), multiple textbook and OER selection committees (including chairing).