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Print Article with Photos: Earth Justice lawyers effectively argued several cases that ultimately lead to our No Methanol victory against the communist Chinese government-backed shell company NWIW. The story of that victory and others against big oil and gas in the PNW is told by Becca Bowe in Earth Justice's winter magazine article "A Community Says 'No' to a Massive Climate-Polluting Refinery" on Jan. 10, 2022. Ironically it includes photos of my daughter, my husband, and me each taken at different locations on different days.

Tele-Presser: Within hours of each other on Jan. 19, 2021, two massive fossil-gas projects (NWIW's Methanol in Kalama WA and Jordan Cove LNG in Coos Bay OR) were BOTH effectively killed after years of opposition. To mark the occasion Columbia Riverkeeper hosted a Tele-Presser event. I was proud to represent my community as one of five guest speakers. [1/26 Tele-Presser VIDEO]

Print Interview: I was among three local climate researchers and activists featured "Methanol Refineries, Citizen Scientists, and Donuts" article by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility health advocate and science writer Patricia Kullberg published in Portland independent newspaper Street Roots on Dec. 18, 2020.

Audio Documentary: I, along with my teen daughter, are among the PNW activists featured in Holding the Thin Green Line audio documentary by Filmmaker Barbara Bernstein. New version upgraded with slideshow and epilogue released October, 2020. Watch here: Holding the Thin Green Line -- part one "The World’s Largest Methanol Refinery" and part two "A View from the Blast Zone" Relatedly ...

Panel Discussion: Salem Progressive Film Series hosted film screening on Dec. 11, 2020, of Holding the Thin Green Line followed by a panel discussion with the filmmaker and four local activists featured in the film, including me.

Radio Interview: KNKX radio and print interview (quick) at anti-fracked gas rally on capitol steps in Olympia, February 2019, "Climate groups urge Inslee to denounce fracked gas in Washington".

Featured Articles

Op-Ed: Twisted Logic: Why Washington State Should Reject a Dangerous New Climate Theory co-authored with Columbia Riverkeeper Legal and Program Director, Lauren Goldberg, published in The Revelator on Dec. 2, 2020, with support from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Letter-to-the-Editor: Particularly proud to have my LTE Kalama’s Proposed Methane Gas Guzzler published, February 2018, in my own college news, Clark College's award winning newspaper, The Independent.

Miscellaneous News (LTEs, Quotes, Audio Clips, Photos)

Quotes in Print and Online News (2020 Q3 though 2021 Q1):
EarthJustice press release: Victory! Washington Rejects Massive Methanol Refinery
Federal Court Rejects Permits for Kalama Methanol Refinery
Widespread Opposition: Kalama Methanol
Community Members Urge Washington to Reject Kalama Methanol Refinery In Virtual Hearing
Washington Analysis Reveals Pollution Potential of Major Methanol Refinery

Radio Program: I, along with my husband, our teen daughter, and dozens of other community activists provided testimony at public hearing, Longview WA, that was included in KBOO radio's Locus Focus program, December 2018. Listen here: The World's Largest Methanol Refinery.

Print News Photo: Headliner photo of me and my teen daughter releasing an eagle into the wild, January 2017, Gerhart Gardens, Longview WA.

The Astorian, Astoria WA, "Bravo", and The Reflector, Battle Ground WA, "Ecology demonstrates willingness to make science-based decisions", both similar versions published in July 2021
The Columbian, Vancouver WA, "Oppose Kalama refinery", February 2018.
The Columbian, Vancouver WA, "Speak up, protect our shorelines", January 2017.
The Columbian, Vancouver WA, "Oppose refinery in Kalama", August 2016.