Prof. Sally Keely, M.S.

Professor of Mathematics
STEM eLearning Professional
Clark College, Vancouver WA

Associate Faculty & SME
College of Natural Sciences
University of Phoenix Online

Climate Science Activist Webmaster, Researcher, and
a Team Lead for local enviro group

PDF icon. Curriculum Vitae (v.20201228)
PDF icon. Self-Evaluation 2021
Career Goals

Looking to make a career transition from higher-ed to working for ecological justice and a sustainable future. I envision working with an environmental organization using my talents, passion, and experience as a climate science activist, science communicator, researcher, and web-designer/coder. Seeking flexible remote position or contract work in the northwest USA or British Columbia (dual citizen) in an educational, professional, or technical capacity.

Professional Overview

Tenured Professor of Mathematics at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Associate Faculty at the University of Phoenix Online.

  • Almost 40 years developing curriculum and teaching mathematics
  • 22 yrs creating online content and teaching online STEM courses
  • Taught 340 online math classes with students on every continent
  • Active learning and inverted course expert
  • Engaging teaching style in inclusive online classroom providing student-centered interactive discussions and problem solving
  • Innovative andragogy embracing technology and teamwork
  • Contagious enthusiasm for lifelong learning
Inverted ("flipped") my classroom and integrated collaborative active learning into my classes in the 1980's well before it became popular. Created the online mathematics program for Clark College and started teaching online (asynchronous) in 1999. Developed curriculum and created online content for twelve different online mathematics courses including the first ever in the northwest fully online Calculus I-II-III for STEM. Mentored online faculty at Clark where (pre-pandemic) our department had taught over 1000 fully-online mathematics classes.

Personal Information

Live in southwest WA state on five acres at 2000 feet overlooking the Columbia River. Married with a late-teenaged daughter and blue heeler doggie one of whom we home-educated through to university. Climate science activist who serves as a Team Lead, a researcher, and the webmaster for NoMethanol360. Advocate for persons exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES). Eclectic lifelong learner who enjoys web design, coding, reading, board games, photography, hiking, camping, and travel. Vegetarian, H2O addict, avid walker "10K a Day".