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Dedicated to maths education and environmental activism in the northwest for over thirty-five years, I have taught online courses since 1999 as tenured faculty at Clark College in southwest Washington state. An ecclectic lifelong learner, I home-educate our teen daughter with my S.A.H.D. husband. Together we work for ecological justice and a sustainable future.

One way I serve students, my colleagues, and my community is through a variety of websites I have designed, created (hand-coded), and currently maintain with passion and persistance. Please enjoy these links to my mathematics, home education, and environmental protection sites.

Mathematics and Teaching

Mathematics Online Web
The main website for my online maths courses.

Lesson Notes
Notes to accompany my online courses, Algebra I through Calculus III.

Home Education

Columbia Heights Academy (CHA)
Our homeschool and curriculum pre-K through 10th grade.

Environmental Protection and Climate Activism

No Methanol 360
Support web for the citizens working to stop the world's largest fracked-gas to methanol refinery and export terminal from being built along the magnificent Columbia River in southwest Washington. #keepitintheground

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